Our Team

We attract world-class Curators, those who can operate autonomously and as part of an integrated team. We appeal to those who excel at what we believe in – Value Curation and approach assignments with mindfulness – the state in which insight and wisdom can occur.

The depth of experience and expertise of our members and affiliates offers a unique capability to the client that understands that people of this caliber and track record are rarely accessible as an assembled team.

Richard Hames


As a corporate philosopher and knowledge designer my aim is to inspire and encourage meaningful transitions for greater numbers of people across all levels of society.

I am motivated by the need to make a meaningful difference to the world our children and their successors will inherit. My knowledge and expertise in this regard derives from a lifetime of questioning and proposing viable alternatives to the thinking and behavioural habits we (mostly unconsciously) adopt to address complexities within society perceived to be problematic, confronting, unfair or inadequate.

By suggesting radically disruptive ideas and models, challenging practices that no longer benefit a majority of humanity, and designing better social architectures for organising, governing and leading, I help create a civilisation that is more empathic, equitable and enduring. One that emphasises what it really means to be human and alive .

Stuart McGregor


My intent is to help liberate organisations from redundant constructs, understand their world for what it is and curate their place in it.

I am a business architect that understands how to design and implement business models that keep companies competitive and relevant. The foundation for this capability was laid during the 1980’s in the military and consulting engineering where I established a solid grounding in leadership, strategy and design.

My formative decade started with broad manufacturing experience leading to line management roles and finishing in multiple ERP implementations across a wide range of industries in the late 1990’s while establishing and leading specialty consulting firms in industry solution development.

I have since worked in Asia as a senior executive (Partner) for two of the world’s leading consulting companies, Accenture and IBM, helping clients strategise, design and implement transformation programs in response to the continuing globalisation drive.

Soozey Johnstone


My aim is to always make a real, tangible difference to business culture, to do it with integrity and compassion, making ‘work’ a truly connected, networked community.

I’m an executive coach. I help leaders and their top teams to understand what’s holding them and their businesses back. For over 15 years I have been analysing behavioural themes in hundreds of businesses, from global corporates to start-up across a variety of industries including manufacturing, health, banking, IT, legal, risk, accounting, logistics, education and environment.

My focus is on helping leadership teams to develop the clarity, thinking and behavioural habits that improve strategy, profitability and communication. Exploring the intersection between people and business results is what lights me up because I believe that if you can align individual intent and actions to where the business is going, you can create an awesome workplace. A workplace that delivers results, but also a workplace that everyone can be proud of, and which is a pleasure to work in.

Michael McAllum


I explore and design transformational journeys with those that understand the need to go beyond the unsustainable limits of a fast fading mechanistic society.

As a futures architect I engage organisations, cities and regions in conversations about the emerging networked and collaborative age, how they might create value in this future and the architecture of transition.

Over the last twenty years, across Asia and the Pacific my work as a facilitator/consultant, writer and key note speaker has been with a broad spectrum of private and public sector organisations on leadership of unthinkable change, disruptive business models, scenario development and strategic redesign.

I have also designed and directed many multi stakeholder engagements including the globally regarded NZ Foresight Project. My passion is to design better futures for our 21st. Century world, curating practices that favour abundance over scarcity, prefer collaboration to competition and find benefit in synergies rather than exclusions.

Tricia Lustig


My incurable curiosity and enthusiasm for learning has led me to my passion: helping people to understand strategic foresight and use it to ignite purpose and transformational engagement.

I am a strategic foresight specialist with a deep understanding of change design and value curation. Strategic Foresight enables you to identify the changes you need to make in order to flourish, endure and sustain your business.

I help businesses to develop possibilities, design and co-create the appropriate strategy and implement the changes needed to flourish. If change is to have any chance of working, it needs to start with a clear understanding of the need to change and the inherent opportunities that such change can deliver.

I facilitate transformative conversations to identify the great opportunities that exist out there and change toward something that people understand and can look forward to, what we call Strategic Navigation, using positive energy as a catalyst for successful change.

Marvin Oka


I enable wiser decision-making in society by facilitating the development of a generative, second order consciousness within domains that have high potential for systemic influence.

My work as a behavioural modeller provides me with a deep understanding of human functioning at three levels – individual, group, and within larger self-organising living systems. I apply behavioural modelling in a variety of areas related to second order change, including second order leadership development, culture shaping, strategic and systemic thinking, and whole-system transformation.

I have developed several methodologies in different domains: Generative Learning in the educational, training and facilitation fields, Strategic Navigation/Strategic Conversation in the corporate field, Behavioural Modelling-based Culture Shaping in the corporate field, Leadership Neuro Communications in the corporate field, Buyer-based Selling in the sales field, Multiple Brain Integration Techniques in the neuroscience and coaching fields, and various applications of neuroscience, neurolinguistics and Generative Learning.

John Houlihan


My motivation is to help leaders and executive teams convert strategic intention into sustainable, measurable results.

As a strategy execution architect and coach, I support leaders who truly value the talents and potential of their people.

My philosophy draws on Eastern and Western models of strategy delivery, where insightful leaders apply practical approaches to encourage continuous problem solving, learning and reflection.

With over 25 years’ experience driving change across several sectors including branded consumer goods, automotive (Toyota), dairy food and beverages, resources and professional services, I look for opportunities to constructively challenge established ways of thinking and working.

By treating strategy as emergent, adaptive and opportunistic, I help organisations apply agile principles and practices to combine disciplined execution with creativity and innovation.

Goodnews Cadogan


I influence leaders to develop values and beliefs that build a solid values-based framework, a reference and guide for their strategic conversations and transformation initiatives.

I derive pleasure from working with my colleagues and clients, as we develop resilient strategic foresight, through transformative narrative. Advocating for the chosen values and influencing foresight outcomes through same is the major driver of my efforts as a Value Curator, always supporting our chosen brand promise.

Over the years, my professional and leadership journey took me from electro-technical engineering to manufacturing management, human capital management, public policy, tax administration and lately, management consulting and executive coaching.

I began by developing the capability to diagnose and problem-solve with very narrow margin for creativity. I have learned that answers are no longer obvious and the margin of error can be disastrous if I do not work with the benefit of collective probity.

David Nicolson


I am committed to organisational effectiveness, developing organisational systems and distinctive leadership and management behaviour.

I am a humanist and am committed to ensuring that strategy and organisational design are effective by the people who are required to make the organisation successful.

I am an organisation development and leadership consultant intent on helping to develop agile and sustainable organisations. I have over 30 years accumulated experience and wisdom in terms of contingency based solutions in settings requiring human resource and organisation development acumen.

Central to my work is a deep desire for the organisational leaders I work with to make a difference in the world in a way that goes beyond a return to shareholder. I am particularly passionate about scale and large group method that heightens the ability to deal with the whole system.

Wendy Schultz


Working with me, leaders learn to audit their out-moded assumptions; spot emerging changes; explore how those changes affect their goals; and amplify the opportunities change provides to build creative, sustainable futures.

I am a formally trained futurist who designs and facilitates participatory explorations of the opportunities and disruptions that change generates. My early experiences included technology forecasting, impact assessment, and long-range environmental change studies at the University of Hawai’i Research Center for Futures Studies, while earning my MA and PhD in futures studies.

I scan for trends and emerging issues of change relevant for public agencies, non-profit organisations, and businesses. My scenario-based foresight research expands strategic thinking and leadership vision for organisations and serves a broad range of stakeholders from start-ups using innovative disruption through to established organisations in private enterprise, academia and public service.

Barrett C. Brown


I empower leaders to create flourishing organisations by unlocking their deepest capacities of mind and heart, aligning toward meaningful visions, and executing with wisdom and compassion.

I am a business acupuncturist, supporting leaders to identify the least-effort interventions in themselves, within their organisations, and across their ecosystems that release constraints, free up resources, trigger innovation, and lead to high-impact execution. As an executive coach and leader development professional, I help leaders see and respond to their organisations, people, and future with greater clarity, subtler awareness of weak signals, and more empowering meaning.

I specialise in cultivating the advanced mental, emotional, and relational capacities needed to thrive in a rapidly changing, highly-complex environment. As a strategist, I specialise in designing strategies that help all stakeholders to thrive, as well as building public-private platforms that unite business, government, and civil society to address significant economic, environmental or social challenges.

Sonia Stojanovic


I am committed to organisational effectiveness, developing organisational systems, distinctive leadership and management behaviour and the genuine engagement of people, their hearts and minds.

I am a humanist and am committed to ensuring that strategy and organisational design are effected by the people who are required to make the organisation successful.

I am an organisation development and leadership consultant intent on helping to develop agile and sustainable organisations. I have over 30 years accumulated experience and wisdom in terms of contingency based solutions in settings requiring human resource and organisation development acumen.

Central to my work is a deep desire for the organisational leaders I work with to make a difference in the world in a way that goes beyond a return to shareholder. I am particularly passionate about scale and large group methodologies that heighten the ability to deal with the complexity of the organization as a living system.

Paul Lim


I aspire to liberate leaders and organisations to fully live their values and aspirations, to achieve their unique significance and leave a positive impact on people and communities.

Over the years I have developed a strong ability to synthesize the complexities of business and people and simplify them to allow a pragmatic translation that can lead to action and application.

I started my career developing a depth of understanding of business processes. In later years, in my regional roles, I developed a greater understanding of the commonalities and differences of a diverse world and how many organizations tend to ignore the principle that there is no one-size-fits all. In my consulting work I became more persuaded that the most elegant solutions in the world will not work if we don’t first work with the people and help them shift their mindsets.

This led me to spend the last decade working on people and leadership development, and the design of interventions that can help people shift.

Ruben van der Laan


I inspire teams to transform their strategic discussion into narratives that resonate in the practical daily business. I design and lead them to realise a common understanding and concrete follow-up.

I design and lead interventions for change and innovation. The fast changing business and social landscape requires from your organisation the ability to respond and adapt swiftly. Disruption strikes in unforeseen ways. That’s just the way it works nowadays.

Leading your group process, I engage your people and increase their ability to respond (less and less by planning, more and more by prototyping and improvising). Leading around 80 sessions a year, I draw from my knowledge and skill to carefully design the required interventions with your team, stakeholders or clients.

Having lived across the world, I understand and deal with the multi-cultural context of the participants. With a background in engineering and drama, I am able to see and sense the picture from a rational and emotional perspective.

Adam Jacoby


My professional purpose is to help organisations win, by challenging status quo systems thinking and illuminating paths that might otherwise go unrecognised.

I am a serial disruptor and strategic artist with a twenty year global history of starting, building, steering and selling fast growth businesses. Having experienced industry consolidation and technological disruption as a senior executive and business owner in the media, entertainment and travel markets across Asia, the United States and Europe, my appreciation of and comfort with change and strategic flexibility was inevitable.

Along the way I obtained a Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and have completed further executive study at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University and was the CEO of BRW Magazine’s 2010 Fastest Growing Private Company (under $100M), Sportsnet Corporation.