Our Proposition

At Hames McGregor + Partners purposeful endurance is our main concern. In a world of conventional consulting practice, benchmarking has become bland, while best practice all too often resembles a rush to mediocrity. Increasingly, enterprises are trapped within their own history and habits: some are useful, while some are merely redundant or even dysfunctional.

And we work harder, repeating methods that have been tried and proven lacking. Each time, it seems to cost more, create more casualties, and deliver only smaller, harder-won successes…

At Hames McGregor + Partners we’ve built on the idea of endurance. It is central to our beliefs about creating value for clients. Enduring organisations teach us that value arises from curation guided by common intent, a shared belief in the organisation’s purpose by all its stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, investors and society), and the persistent pursuit of that purpose.

Enduring organisations also tend to perform better because they understand that people behave in accordance with their beliefs. These beliefs permeate their valuation, their culture, and the way their brand promise resonates with the market.

We help you deploy the skills, expertise, intellectual grunt and creative curiosity that break the disruptive cycle of history and habits. For us, it is a shared, intentional journey where disruption and change become part of the solution, not the problem.

There are three key disruptions at play in today’s markets that make traditional change methods unworkable, they are shifts from:

‘Outperform’ to ‘Outlast’

A shift from outperforming your competitors to outlasting them. The game is moving from being about sustainability and resilience to viability and endurance. In this paradigm, performance remains a factor but, more importantly, enterprises become far more valuable when performance is consistent with the promises made to stakeholders over time.

‘Apart From’ to ‘A Part Of’

A new focus on why people change behaviours and habits. Leaders are mindful of the role the enterprise plays in the broader community, and the necessary congruence of its own values with those of its stakeholders. Enduring enterprises excel at keeping their employees engaged by investing meaning in a brand that resonates with all stakeholders.

’Steady State’ to ‘Navigate’

A move away from bold transformative change programs (that seldom stick and often cause harm) toward a ‘whole of enterprise’ navigational capability. This means rethinking how organisations are designed and operate. The current model of enterprise design for steady state operations will give way to design for strategic navigation and radical innovation

These are the emerging realities of existence in the 21st century: the role of the enterprise extends beyond the interest of the shareholder; past the borders of the nation state, integrating the diverse cultures and communities it touches

At Hames McGregor + Partners we believe there is a need for a consulting business that understands these new realities. One that can help liberate clients from their current organisational constructs and practices and build value by curating their capacity for purposeful endurance.