Our Practice

At Hames McGregor + Partners we invest our client’s purpose with meaning. We use a bespoke set of tools and approaches to renew perception, shake up familiar stories, and see things as if for the very first time. Our clients want to do good as well as look good. They expect a liberating and refreshing experience that will alert them to possibilities they have never imagined. They are acutely aware of the legacy they can create, and recognise that relevance and success in a fast-paced and disruptive world requires a capacity for endurance.

The framework of capabilities below form an integrated whole we call Value Curation. Grounded in the drivers of human behaviour, they link culture, action and purpose in an organisational context. We argue these are the essential competencies for a more purposeful enterprise.

1. Leveraged Value
– the alignment of promise with purpose.

A shared belief in the organisation’s ability to meet its long-term promise to society is as important to its valuation as its short-term performance. In fact, curating shared beliefs also improves the conditions for performance and is measurable as the Price/Earnings ratio of its stock.

Strategic Foresight.

Harnesses deep-futures thinking to ensure that you are always ahead of the competition; that you are leaders in the creation of new markets, products and processes.

Transformational Narrative.

Takes the story of why you exist and describes what must change for things to get better, ensuring people are engaged in meaningful transitions of shared purpose.


Aligns the diverse belief systems in your business to create a unified, consistent and compelling schema between and across all stakeholders.

2. Mindful Culture
– the awareness that beliefs drive choice.

The collective awareness of why the organisation exists drives behaviour at individual, corporate and community levels. Every choice of each individual affects the enterprise in some way. If you want to shape your organisation to endure you need to understand how beliefs show up in behaviour through the mechanism of choice. Developing the social environment for the promise to take hold involves:

Systemic Acupuncture.

Our unique forensic problem-state analysis eliminates or recalibrates constraints, lowers the cost of complex problem solving and keeps everyone’s attention on what really matters.

Deep Design.

Aligns all activities and initiatives across your enterprise using inquiry methods and people-centric design to sustain “fitness for purpose” within your broader business ecosystem.

Networked Intelligence.

Harvesting information from a range of significant sources grows confidence in transitioning from your current state to a more meaningful and adaptive organisational condition.

3. Brand Resonance
– preserving the performance + promise sweet spot.

Enduring organisations understand that people don’t buy ‘what’ you do; they buy ‘why’ you do it. Fulfilling the promises you make amplifies performance, and creates a positive, continually reinforcing feedback loop. The greater the belief that promise and purpose are in sync the more people are prepared to invest in your products and services, your employment and your stock. Sustaining brand resonance depends on developing:

Brand Promise.

Weaving a compelling social meme around your whole-of-brand offering to convey your chosen cause in ways that generate enduring value.

Strategic Navigation.

Using real-time intelligence to make strategic and operational decisions speeds up the learning metabolism of the organisation, allowing you to recalibrate your plans autonomically.

Radical Innovation.

Use change as a routine management discipline to grow organisational adaptiveness, compress prototyping and accelerate speed-to-market processes.