The role of the enterprise today extends far beyond the interests of local shareholders and past the borders of the nation state as it integrates the diverse cultures and communities that it touches. To be effective in the jostling, noisy, exciting and impalpable souk that is contemporary business requires the courage of imagination; the imagination to uncover the possible, to allow ourselves to be seized by the things we cannot fully see.

At Hames McGregor + Partners we believe there is a need for a consulting organization that appreciates and operates in the new realities of this world. We are a specialist consulting and curation firm that works with global clients to liberate the energy, creativity and enthusiasm that will move them to higher levels of performance – a state we call purposeful endurance.

To help our clients with their long-term viability we needed to think carefully about our own purpose and how we remain viable. We have intentionally curated Hames McGregor + Partners as a global attractor for a limited number of deeply conscious members and clients

The belief that we can ‘Liberate to Endure’ requires an organization with a unique mindset and value system. For us these attributes are:


We comprehend the world in nested systems rather than as a linear construct. This perspective allows us to optimize complex relationships and dynamics, discern how best to operate within existing viable structures, and shape those requiring transformation.


We believe in an appreciative approach to achieving the results desired by our clients. Through empathy and an awareness of purpose, we encourage people to unite behind the organisation’s cause, inspiring the beliefs and abilities to generate enduring success.


Every decision and action we take is designed to ensure the ongoing viability of our world’s most life-critical systems. We want our clients to understand and embrace their role as integral stewards of their business and social ecosystems.

Our approach is designed to invest our client’s purpose with meaning, allowing us to deliver a compelling and refreshing experience that engages them in possibilities they have never imagined. They become acutely aware of the legacy they can create, and recognize that relevance and success in a fast-paced and disruptive world requires a capacity for endurance.