Our Clients’ Opportunity

Every change, whether an intervention or imposition, is an opportunity to navigate our way into a new, more alert and more capable organisational state where continuous incremental change is guided by a common purpose informed by relevant intelligence.

Starting points for this journey typically present in three situations: Strategy Delivery, Transformation or Merger & Acquisition.

Strategy Delivery is never easy. Most strategies fail because of a lack of clarity between your strategic intentions and how these serve the enterprise’s higher purpose. Resulting ‘behavioural dysfunctions’ result from a misalignment of the beliefs that drive organisational culture.

Value Curation is a powerful framework for understanding the enterprise ecosystem and finding acupuncture points for shifting performance with the lowest engagement cost. It addresses behavioural change by evaluating and influencing the alignment of stakeholder belief systems with the purpose of the enterprise.

Transformation programs have a high failure rate and this trend is worsening. Conventional approaches to massive change, where processes embedded in systems are used to try and change behaviour, are redundant. Processes and systems cannot shape behavioural change.

Value Curation provides a framework for more effective operating model and information designs. It develops a navigation capability for tiny, more benign, though regular and effectual change “nudges” that become part of the enterprise capability rather than a large transformation style intervention.

Mergers and Acquisitions are arguably the most frustrating opportunities for generating value. Nonetheless they are still seen as viable strategies for addressing market entry, synergies and scale, and while the focus is almost always on the financials, the true value is either captured or lost in the people and culture.

Value Curation is a framework for understanding the resonance between the two organisations. It maps the nature of their respective ecosystems and provides powerful insights to avoid brand dissonance while leveraging value .

Guided by a forensic understanding of their business ecosystem and through a series of curated pathways, we help liberate organisations from their steady state mode into a new, constantly vigilant, navigational state. Because these endeavours are at the heart of the intent and viability of their organisation, they must be owned by the board and the executive leadership team and cannot be delegated or outsourced.