Our Character

It is different working with Hames McGregor + Partners. Different good. We practice the principles of individuality, rarity, creativity, artisanship and the extraordinary – and apply these to the consulting industry. Every engagement is custom. Each one unique.

We engage, not as arms-length consultants but as a member of the client’s executive team. Our reward model is set to align with the remuneration models of their executive colleagues, which aligns objectives and delivers transparency of reward.

Working with what already exists, we curate our engagement teams to bring a unique set of talents not available from any other consulting firm to deliver and develop the endurance capabilities needed at each stage of the Value Curation journey.

Broadness of worldview, depth of expertise, diversity in culture, and experience are what matter to us. Our core design principles are:


We attract world-class Curators, those who can operate autonomously or as part of an integrated team. They are masters of their craft and find commitment and meaning in what we do. We appeal to those who excel in what we believe in – Value Curation. All members contribute through their domain competency, client relationships
and intellectual property.


Iatrogenesis usually relates to medical treatment. It means harm caused by the healer (or consultant). We avoid harmful intrusions, involvement for mediocre outcomes, and intervention for the sake of it. We are the ethical opposite of the traditional large consulting firm – a Probiotic not a Virus. Less must be more.


We embrace two-way risk and reward. Partners should always be exposed to the company risk and the company should be exposed to its client’s risk using optionality to limit downside risk and amplify upside opportunity. Our reward model is transparent, invested in our clients’ success