Our Team

All our members have deep experience in one or more of the Value Curation domain competencies and the interaction and overlaps with neighboring competencies in the framework.

They also have a working understanding of Value Curation literacies and their application within the broader framework.

Our members’ intellectual property remains the property of the individual and is shared in the spirit of the creative commons between our members and our clients in its application on our engagements.

Our Character

We assemble the world’s best talent in our domain and apply them to our clients’ most challenging issues. Our people and the teams we form are:


We are curious and inquisitive. We have the courage to explore areas that advance and challenge our knowledge of the world. We use this spirit of exploration with peers and clients, setting out to collaboratively find solutions normally hidden from view.


We are prepared to take bold risks, ask the difficult questions, and back what may be the unpopular view. We have the courage, self-belief and fearlessness to show people what may be invisible to them. We are not afraid to expose our vulnerability, so that people can see us for who we truly are.


We create a collaborative atmosphere, based on shared knowledge, openness to new ideas, genuine interest, curiosity and, most importantly, lightness of being. Positive energy encourages natural cooperation without effort, an enjoyable and enriching experience that engenders inspiring results.


We believe mindfulness is the state in which insight and wisdom occurs. We capture the essence of both past and future within an “expanded now” of new possibility. Through the application of strategic foresight we are alert to new possibilities, taking meaningful action by selecting and pursuing the most relevant options.


Survival is instinctive, creative. Endurance is conscious, curative.

To help our clients curate a path into endurance we needed to think carefully about our own purpose and how we can best endure. We have curated our business to be a global influence for a limited number of conscious clients. Broadness of worldview and depth of expertise, diversity in culture and experience are what matter to us.

Our core design principles are:

1. Soul-In-The-Game. Attracting the right curators.

2. Skin-In-The-Game. Linking them to our clients’ success.

3. Non-Iatrogenic. Working on the right things.

4. Viable & Enduring. Working for the right results.


Our Business Model Design Principles


We attract the right Curators. Those who can operate autonomously as part of an integrated team, are masters in their craft and find purpose and meaning in what we do. We avoid those who are looking to just do their job or advance their career, we attract (and are attracted to) those who do what we believe in – Value Curation.


We embrace two way risk/reward. Partners should always be exposed to the company risk & the company should be exposed to its clients’ risk using optionality to limit downside risk and amplify upside opportunity through leveraged value.


We avoid harmful intervention, intervention for mediocre outcomes and intervention for the sake of intervention. We are the ethical opposite of the traditional large consulting firm -a ‘Probiotic not a Virus. Less must be more.’

Viable & Enduring.

Sustained capital growth and longevity in income from sharing relationships and IP with a mindset of abundance. We exist to benefit our stakeholders, society and the planet in our decision-making.

Our Practice

Enduring organisations perform better because they understand that people (customers, employees and investors) behave in accordance with their beliefs. These beliefs permeate their valuation, their culture, and the way their brand promise resonates with the market and show up as three literacies for endurance:

1. Leveraged Value – the alignment of promise with purpose.

2. Mindful Culture – the awareness that beliefs drive choice.

3. Brand Resonance – harmonising and maintaining the performance/promise sweet spot.


Leveraged Value

Shared belief in the organisation’s ability to meet its long-term promise to society is as important to its valuation as its short-term performance. In fact, curating shared beliefs also improves the conditions for performance. It’s measured as the Price/Earnings ratio. We develop this literacy in 3 parts:

  1. Strategic Foresight brings deep-futures thinking to ensure that you are always ahead of the competition and leaders in the creation of new markets and products.
  2. Transformational Narrative takes the story of why you exist and describes what must change for things to get better, ensuring people are engaged in transitions of shared purpose.
  3. Advocacy programs align the diverse belief systems in your business to create a consistent and compelling belief paradigm between and across all stakeholders.


Mindful Culture

The collective awareness of why the organisation exists drives behavior at individual, corporate and community levels. Every choice of each individual affects the enterprise in some way. If you want to shape your organization to endure you need to understand how beliefs show up in behavior through the mechanism of choice. Developing the environment for the promise to take hold involves:

  1. Systemic Acupuncture: Our unique forensic problem-state analysis eliminates or recalibrates constraints, lowers the cost of problem solving and keeps your attention on what really matters.
  2. Deep Design: Aligns all activities and initiatives across your enterprise using people-centric design to sustain “fitness for purpose” within your broader business ecosystem.
  3. Networked Intelligence: Harvesting information from a range of meaningful sources grows confidence in transitioning from your current “state” to a more desired and meaningful organisational condition.


Brand Resonance

Fulfilling the promises you make amplifies performance, creating a positive feedback loop that continues to reinforce itself. The greater the belief that promise and purpose are in sync the more people are prepared to invest in your products and services, your employment and your stock. Enduring organisations understand that people don’t buy ‘what’ you do they buy ‘why’ you do it. Staying in sync relies on:

  1. Brand Promise: Weaving a compelling social meme around your whole-of-brand offering to convey your chosen cause in ways that generate enduring value.
  2. Radical Innovation: Using change as a routine management discipline to grow organisational adaptiveness, compresses prototyping and accelerates speed-to-market processes.
  3. Strategic Navigation: Using real-time intelligence to make strategic and operational decisions, speeds up the learning metabolism of the organisation, allowing you to upgrade and recalibrate your plans autonomically so they remain relevant and viable in all circumstances.

Our Clients Opportunity

Today’s business models are designed to run in steady state. Our clients typically need help as soon as something changes but typically aim for any new model to result in a substitute steady state.

Every change, whether an intervention or imposition, is an opportunity to design our way into a more alert state where incremental change is guided by a shared belief by all stakeholders in why the organisation exists.

Starting points for this journey typically present in three scenarios, Strategy Execution, Transformation or Merger & Acquisition.

 strategy Execution Assurance

Strategy development is much easier than execution. Without a clear appreciation of the strategic intent and how it serves the enterprise’s higher purpose the strategy will fail in its execution. The noticeable symptom of this issue is commonly observed as a ‘dysfunction’ and results from a misalignment of beliefs that drive organisational culture. It shows up across the informal intelligence network within the enterprise and is difficult to address using traditional methods.

Value Curation is a powerful framework for understanding the enterprise ecosystem and finding the acupuncture points for shifting performance with the lowest engagement cost. It addresses behavioural change by evaluating and influencing the alignment of stakeholder belief systems with the enterprise’s purpose.

Transformation Investment Assurance

Traditional transformation programs have a high failure rate and this trend is worsening. The conventional approach to large-scale change, where processes embedded in systems are used to change behavior, is redundant. Process and systems remain necessary but they’re not the appropriate mechanism to shape behavioral change.

Value Curation provides a framework for more effective operating model and information designs. It develops a navigation capability for smaller, more benign though regular and effectual change interventions that become part of the enterprise capability rather than a transformation style intervention.

Merger & Acquisition Assurance

Mergers and acquisitions are arguably the most challenging option for generating value. Nonetheless they are still seen as viable strategies for addressing market entry, synergies and scale and while the focus is almost always on the financials, the true value is either captured or lost in the people.

Value Curation is a framework for understanding the brand resonance between the two organisations. It assesses the nature of their respective ecosystems and provides powerful insights to both the potential for brand dissonance and the value leverage opportunities of a transaction.


Our Proposition

We curate endurance. HamesMcGregor + Partners is the collective expertise that every future-relevant enterprise needs to survive and endure.

Five out of six of the companies on the original (1955) Fortune 500 list no longer exist. In that time the life expectancy of a Fortune 500 Company has dropped by 80% from an average of 75 years to around 15. This is not sustainable.

Businesses are trapped within their own historical constructs, some of which are useful, others redundant or even dysfunctional.

In a world where benchmarking and best practice have become synonymous with bland commoditisation, enterprises now develop and execute strategies to compete for mediocrity.

We work with clients who understand that the role of business is changing and who need the expertise of a highly talented team of global practitioners to help them navigate the next disruption.

Keeping organisations relevant, viable and valuable.
Today the disruption cycle is so frequent that change plans are often redundant before they can be delivered – leaving a lot of sunk costs and little to show for it. While conventional wisdom dictates that we change more, faster, and hope for competitiveness, we believe there are three disruptions at play in today’s markets:

1. From ‘Outperform’ to ‘Outlast’ – a shift away from outperforming your competitors to outlasting them. The game is moving from being about sustainability and resilience to one of viability and endurance. In this paradigm, performance remains a factor but, more importantly, enterprises become far more valuable when performance is consistent with the promises made to its stakeholders over time.
2. From ‘Apart From’ to ‘A Part Of’ – a new focus on why people change. It will be mindful to the role the enterprise plays in the broader community and the congruence of it’s own values with those of its stakeholders. Enduring enterprises excel at keeping employees engaged by investing meaning in their brand that resonates with all stakeholders.
3. From ‘Steady State’ to ‘Navigate’ – a move away from bold transformative change programs (that seldom stick and often damage) toward a ‘whole of enterprise’ navigational capability. In future this means rethinking how organisations are designed. The current model of enterprise design for steady state operations will give way to design for strategic navigation and radical innovation.

At HamesMcGregor, endurance is our main concern. Enduring organisations teach us that value arises from curation guided by common intent, a shared belief in the organisation’s purpose by all its stakeholders, and their persistent pursuit thereof.

We believe there is a need for a consulting organization that understands this new reality. One that can help liberate clients from their current constructs and practices and build value by curating their capacity for endurance.